"Since 2008 we have a solid track record of providing up-to-date and suitable solution for the diverse requirements in industrial technology to our valued clients Per their needs that saves extravagant costs & builds trust."

Indsol | Industrial Solution Providers

Indsol represents number of world renowned manufacturers of all kind of industrial plants, machinery, material, spares and Equipment in Industries where quality is paramount, mostly in petrochemical, chemical, Oil & Gas sector per internationally accepted standards.

We have been catering to the needs of industry Since 2008 and have gained a solid track record of rendering services in industrial sector by providing up-to-date and suitable solution for the diverse requirements. We have always been, and always will be, committed to provide best solution to our clients.

Today we are recognized as being at the leading edge in "industrial solution providers". We have earned this reputation through the continuing efforts of our team by aiming “Customer’s Satisfaction and trust” as part of our core accomplishments.

Our specialty is the Process Industry in the country to whom we offer, among other things, Heat Exchangers & spares, Compressors (Air & Gas), Pressure Vessels & Spares, Fuel Storage Tanks, Mechanical (Machines and eqpt.) Equipment, Fluid Handling Equipment including Pumps & Motors, Valves, Tubes & Piping and Fitting, Industrial Chemicals, Industrial Instrumentation & Control, Laboratory Equipment, Machine Tools & Workshop Equipment, Machinery/Equipment Protection, Refractories & Industrial Electrical Equipment. Ref.: our product range.

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